Udklittens Blue Berry  

Blue Bery 1 year old
Name Udklittens Blue Berry
Born 2000-03-29
Gender Male
Color blue blotchedtabby-white
EMS-Code MCO a 09 22
Reg. number FD LO 103882
Breeder Birgitte Philipsen
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Hips: OFA certificate 3 years old; GOOD
Heart: Tested HCM negative 4 AND 5 years old.

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Blueberry 2 years old

Udklittens Blue Berry 2 years old

Blueberry 1 year old

Blue Berry 1 year old

Blue Berry 1 year old with his friend the cock ( Dwarf Cochin )

5 years old

5 years old


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