Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken  

Sophia i winther
Name Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken
Born 2005-03-19
Gender Female
Color Calico Smoke
EMS-Code MCO fs 09
Reg. number CFF - transfer to Felis Danica
Breeder Beth Kus
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: Miss Sophia is Polydactyl. She is very sweet tempered . Her color is wonderful and rare and so are her lines . She has got a very sweet and loving temper and she is a very good mother . Hips OFA: Fair Heart: Neg for the dnaMyBPC gen ,3 years old. 4 1/2 Śr: 2 scan neg. for HCM.
Sweet Miss Sophia passed away 6 years old from severe kidney canser. Autopsy showed normal heart. Sweet Sophia we miss you.

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It is 12 pictures in the database

Sophia 1 1/2 year old

Kittenpicture of Sophia

5 months old ,just arrived Denmark

Sophia 10 months old

Sophia 7months old

Sophia with Cowboy 8 months old

8 months old

Sophia with Cowboy 8 months old

Sophia Christmas 2009

Sophia in winther


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