Chenza Morning Sunrise  
Name Chenza Morning Sunrise
Born 2007-04-26
Gender Female
Color Classic Brown Patch / White
EMS-Code MCO f 09 22
Reg. number FD LO - transfer fra TICA
Breeder Natoma Houston
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Morning Sunrise came to us all the way from Calgary in Canada . She is part foundation/part showlines ( F5 ) . She is a lovely girl with a MOST pleasant temper ! Thank you to Natoma Houston for trusting us with this girl .
Health : 16 months scanned neg. for HCM . DNA HCM test : neg.
Hips : 1/1
Patella: Normal
Chenza lives with Rikke in Randers.

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6 months old while still in Canada

9 months old

9 months old

11 months

I like to babysit kittens belonging to others !

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