Udklittens Blue Berry  

Blue Bery 1 year old
Name Udklittens Blue Berry
Born 2000-03-29
Gender Male
Color blue blotchedtabby-white
EMS-Code MCO a 09 22
Reg. number FD LO 103882
Breeder Birgitte Philipsen
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Hips: OFA certificate 3 years old; GOOD
Heart: Tested HCM negative 4 AND 5 years old.

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Løve Hulen's Gangster
FD LO 91822
black blotchedtabby-white
EC.Hevengift Lord Alleuluia FD Lo 45656
CFA 1792-344197 (USA)
Brown mackereltabby-white
MCO n 09 23
Purranch Hiho Billy Kat of Hevengift
CFA 1736M-273296 V986
MCO ns 23
CH. Heidi Just Plain Bill Katt
MCO ns 23
Meunerie Sarah Orne Jewett MCO ns 22
Hevengift P.T.L. Again
CFA 1793-317532 V586
MCO n 09 23
Kat Hous Hey Sues of Hevengift
MCO n 23
Hevengift Garth`s Fantasy
MCO f 09
Claddacoon`s Chesapeake FD LO 84098- import USA
Brown mackerel tabby
MCO n 23
Claddacoon`s Glengarrif CFA 1744-868069 V 1294
MCO n 22 Brown blotched tabby
CH. Khamsin`s Brubeck of the Unicat MCO n 22
Claddacoon´s Tara
MCO n 22
Willowplace Shannon of Claddacoon CFA 1745M-761584 V393
MCO n 23 Brown mack.tabby.
Hylsyde Mr. Spock of Willowplace
MCO n 23
Willowplace Rhapsody in Blue
MCO n 23

Udklittens Anasazi of Kira
FD LO 88118
tortie mackreltabby

DK Santor`s Casco Kid Cody FD LO 75273
MCO e 23 creme makr. tabby
CH. Guldfakse´s Dundee
FD LO LO 67544
MCO n 23 brown mack.tabby
MtKittery Socka P.
MCO d 23
Calabash Joannie
MCO n 09 23
Mt Kittery Millinocket
FD LO 70620 MCO gs 22
blue silver tortietabb
GC. MTKittery Casco
MCO n 23
GC. MtKittery Dresden
MCO fs 22
DK Uklitten`s Kira of Kiri FD LO 79884
MCO n 22 brown blotched tabby
DK Udklitten`s Gold Nugget FD LO 67981
MCO ny 11 golden shaded
Løve Hulen`s Sundance Kid MCO n 22
DK Mega Blondie FD LO 59565 MCO ns 11
Guldfakse`s Kiri of Topaz FD LO 72448
MCO n 23 brown mack.tabby
EC. WW/A 94 MtKittery Casco
MCO n 23
Willowplace Topaz
MCO n 23

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