Lykken´s Sofie  

Sofie 11 weeks
Name Lykken´s Sofie
Born 2009-04-01
Gender Female
Color Brown Patch
EMS-Code MCO f 22
Reg. number FD LO
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Hi !
I am named after the caracter Aunt Sofie from the story about Cardamom town. I am pretty strict , but that will be necessary with my 4 brothers ! Don´t you think I have nice colors ?
Now I have moved to Anna.

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PrairieBaby Preparing The Way "Poofy"
FD RX 125194
MCO a 09
Blå /hvid
PrairieBaby Gonna Be Worth It All ( Cameron). Cream Mc Tabby Van
HCM:will soon be tested.
Hips: Good
Find Me In
the River of PrairieBaby
MCO e 09
Promise of new Life of Masterweaver
MCO e 01 23
Praylyne`s Blazing Glory of Prairiebaby( Blaze )
HCM neg 10mnd.
Hips: Good
Hymn of Praise of Praylyne Foundation
No Greater Joy of Praylyne
MCO n 09 23

Lykkens Albertine
FD LO 128767
MCO f 22
Tortie / blotched tabby

Udklittens Blue Berry
FD LO 103882
MCO a 09 22
bluetabby -white.
Tested neg.for HCM 4 and 5 years old, Hips GOOD
Løve Hulen's Gangster
FD LO 91822
black blotchedtabby-white
EC.Hevengift Lord Alleuluia FD Lo 45656
CFA 1792-344197 (USA)
Brown mackereltabby-wh
MCO n 09 23
Claddacoon`s Chesapeake FD LO 84098- import USA
Brown mackerel tabby
MCO n 23
Udklittens Anasazi of Kira
FD LO 88118
tortie mackreltabby
DK Santor`s Casco Kid Cody FD LO 75273
MCO e 23 creme makr. tabby
DK Uklitten`s Kira of Kiri FD LO 79884
MCO n 22 brown blotched tabby
Ginger von Donautal
FD LO 108407
MCO f 22
sort tortie blotched tabby. Tested neg for HCM 3 and 4 years old . Normal hips.(OFA Good )
CH. Diabol II v. Donautal MCO d 09 22
DEKZV LO 246793
red blotched tabby-white
IC. Yasko v. Racoon
MCO n 09 22 DEKZV LO 209975
black blotched tabby-white
Elisa of Faberge
MCO fs 22 DEKZV LO 202513 tortie silver blotchedtabby
Roxanne v. Donautal DEKZV LO
260550 MCO f 22
black tortie blotched tabby
IC. Kevin v. Donautal
DEKZV LO 244450
MCO n 09 22
Black blotched tabby- white
Hazel v. Spitzaeker
DEKZV LO 259959
MCO fs black tortie smoke

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