Lykken´s Kathinka PP  

14 weeks
Name Lykken´s Kathinka PP
Born 2009-06-08
Gender Female
Color Black silver classic tabby/white
EMS-Code MCO ns 09 22
Reg. number FD LO
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Sweet an loving poly girl.
Toes: front: 4 toes + dewclaw + thumb.
Back: 4 toes + dewclaw
Is now living with Jesper

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Lykken´s Pan
MCO ns 09 22
Sort silver blotched tabby / hvid
Belushies Shivakashi
TICA - Felis Danica
MCO ns 09
Sort smoke / hvid
Int. Ch. Koontucky Neo of Belushies Color : Red shaded mackerel tabby / white
Health : Neg. for the DNA cypbc3
Koontucky Otsego
Color: Red silver mackerel tabby
Koontucky East Jordan
Color : Blue mackerel torbie/ white
CH. Fairydream Healing World
Color: Brown mackerel tabby / white.
Health : Neg . for the Dnacypbc3 mutation.
Koontucky Mackinaw
Color: Blue mackerel tabby /white
Boogy Cat`s Cheyenne
Color : brown classic tabby
Lykkens Albertine
FD LO 128767
MCO f 22
Tortie / blotched tabby
HCM neg ( scanned x 1 , DNa neg)
Udklittens Blue Berry
FD LO 103882
MCO a 09 22
bluetabby -white.
Tested neg.for HCM 4 and 5 years old, Hips GOOD
Løve Hulen's Gangster
FD LO 91822
black blotchedtabby-white
Udklittens Anasazi of Kira
FD LO 88118
tortie mackreltabby
Ginger von Donautal
FD LO 108407
MCO f 22
sort tortie blotched tabby. Tested neg for HCM 3 and 4 years old . Normal hips.(OFA Good )
CH. Diabol II v. Donautal MCO d 09 22
DEKZV LO 246793
red blotched tabby-white
Roxanne v. Donautal DEKZV LO
260550 MCO f 22
black tortie blotched tabby

Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken
CFF - transfer to Felis Danica
MCO fs 09
Sort tortie smoke m. hvidt

CH. Dirigo Sea Smoke.
Color:Black smoke.
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color: Red / white
Dirigo`s Pirate Lord
Color: Black /white
Dirigo`s Cameo Ginger
Color : Red Mkl Tabby
Dirigo`s Berwick Lily
Color : Smoke Tortie / White
Scrimshaw of Dirigo
Color:Cream Tabby/ White
Chewonki Smoke of Dirigo
Color: Black / white
Dirigo Lady Patches.
Color: Calico
Dirigo Amos P.
Color : Blue Mkl Tabby
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color : Red/ white
Dirigo`s Hooch P. Honey
Color : Brown Mkl Tabby/ White
Dirigo`s Lady Nugget
Red Tabby Harlequin
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color : Red/ white
Dirigo´s Pirate Lady

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