Lykken Tiger Lily by The Sea  

Expecting kittens 2 years of age
Name Lykken Tiger Lily by The Sea
Born 2010-03-25
Gender Female
Color Red classic tabby/white
EMS-Code MCO d 09 22
Reg. number TICA
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Wonderful red female with a very sweet temper. She grew up with Rikke and her family and has mde towo litters for us living with us. She is now neutered and will stay with Rikke as pet.
Heart: Scanned neg .for HCM x 1, HCM DNA neg via parents.Hips : pending.

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Lykken´s Seaside Tiger
Felis Danica /CFF
MCO d 22
Rød blotched tabby.
HCM heart scan : 1 and 3 years neg.
Hcm.dna neg. via parents.
Hips : normal ( pawpeds )
Sarafina´s Mercury
MCO n 09 22
Sort blotched tabby og hvid
Scanned neg. for HCM ca. 2,5 and 4 years.
HCM Dna : neg.
Hips: OFA : fair.
GIC Sarafina´s Haka
MCO n . Black
Hips : OFA good ( OFA certificateMCCC-522G28M )HCM - PKD scanned neg 2002
Dk Appalacher Bear`s Tycoon
Black smoke . MCO ns
DK Sarafina`s Chickasaw.
Black Mackr. tabby- white
GIC . Thundercats Wildflower.
MCO f 09 22 Black tortie blotched tabby / hvid
Hips. OFA : fair ( MCC-306F31M )
Scanned neg for HCM/PKD 2000 and 2002
EC Cooncreole Tabasco
MCO d 22
Red blotched tabby
CH Coonyham Tammany
Blue blotched tabby / white
MCO a 09 22
Prairiebaby River Mercies - AKA Ashanti
Registrert ved ACA
MCO f 09 22
Sort tortie blotched tabby / hvid
Hips: normal .
Heart scanned x 3 ( Canada )
DNA HCM : neg.
Prairie River Revival . Red classic tabby . Health : Ecco doppler : HCM neg. at 22 months. PKD : neg
More info here.
FInd Me In The River of Prairebaby (1994 -03-10 ) Cananda
Prairiebaby Freedom in Mercey
Canada Graceland of Prairiebaby . Brown classic tabby / white . Health :Tested neg. for HCM/PKD 3 years old .
Hips: OFA certified "good"More info here.
Foundation ( Canada )
Foundation ( Canada )

Chenza Morning Sunrise
FD LO - transfer fra TICA
MCO f 09 22
Sort tortie classic tabby / hvid
HCM DNA test: MyBPC3-1
Heart scan : 1.5 year neg.
Hips 1/1 ( Lars Audell, pawpeds)

Chenza Jack Shephard
MCO d 23
Chenza Angelus
MCo n 22
Hips: OFA:fair
SMA: neg.
HCM scan: neg 1 year, neg. 2 1/2 year
Koontucky Mackinaw
MCoa 09 23
Yankee Cats Chinga of Chenza
MCO ns
HCM: scanned neg. 3 years
Chenza Genivieve
Prairiebaby Plowman
Songs of Freedom
MCN w 62
Koontucky Aurora of
Chenza MCo n 23
HCM: neg. 3 year
Chenza Sydney B
MCO n 09 22
HCM : scanned neg.2 1/2 year
MGC-CNW Alwaro Abraxas of Grandeur
MCO n 09 22
WW EC Sebasco Daker Devito
MCO n 23
EC K´Star Winner Alwaro MCO n 09 22
Chenza Buffy
MCO a 09 22
Koontucky Mackinaw
MCO a 09 23
Chenza Prophecy Girl
MCO n 09 22

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