Lykken Halvdan Svarte  

Halvdan Svarte 2 year
Name Lykken Halvdan Svarte
Born 2010-05-10
Gender Male
Color Black
EMS-Code MCO n
Reg. number CFF
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Black boy. Non poly.
He is a slim , but well proportioned cat with long tail. Very sweet and outgoing temper.
He is 4 th.generation from newer foundation lines.
Heart: scanned neg for HCM x 1 ( result omnpawpeds )HCM dna neg via ancestores. Hips: pending.
He is now neutered and have found a new family.
We have two offspring from him.

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PrairieBaby Preparing The Way
FD RX 125194
MCO a 09
Blue / white . Tests:
Hips : OFA excellent.
Heart : scanned neg. for HCM x 3 ( last time approx 7 years of age )
HCM dna test:neg.
Kidneys : scanned normal.
Patella: normal.
SMA :neg ( dna )
PrairieBaby Gonna Be Worth It All ( Cameron). Cream Mc Tabby Van

Hips: Good ( OFA )
Find Me In
the River of PrairieBaby
MCO e 09
Promise of new Life of Masterweaver
MCO e 01 23
Praylyne`s Blazing Glory of Prairiebaby( Blaze )
HCM neg 10 mnd and 5 years.
Hips: Good ( OFA )
Hymn of Praise of Praylyne Foundation
No Greater Joy of Praylyne
MCO n 09 23

Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken
CFF - transfer to Felis Danica and TICA.
MCO fs 09
Sort tortie smoke m. hvidt
Heart scanned neg. 3 and 4 1/2 year
HCM DNA test: MyBPC3-1 neg.
Hips OFA : fair.
Patella : normal
SMA: neg

CH. Dirigo Sea Smoke.
Color:Black smoke.
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color: Red / white
Dirigo`s Pirate Lord
Color: Black /white
Dirigo`s Cameo Ginger
Color : Red Mkl Tabby
Dirigo`s Berwick Lily
Color : Smoke Tortie / White
Scrimshaw of Dirigo
Color:Cream Tabby/ White
Chewonki Smoke of Dirigo
Color: Black / white
Dirigo Lady Patches.
Color: Calico
Dirigo Amos P.
Color : Blue Mkl Tabby
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color : Red/ white
Dirigo`s Hooch P. Honey
Color : Brown Mkl Tabby/ White
Dirigo`s Lady Nugget
Red Tabby Harlequin
CH. Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Color : Red/ white
Dirigo´s Pirate Lady

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