Ginger von Donautal  

Are they already SO big !
Name Ginger von Donautal
Born 2000-06-20
Gender Female
Color black tortie blotched tabby
EMS-Code MCO f 22
Reg. number FD LO 108407
Breeder Birgitte Meier
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: Ginger have an excellent fur quality. She is gracious and a great jumper! She is the mother og Albertine , Leo and other beutiful cats . She also have grand and great grand children ! She is now neutered and living as a pet
Testet neg.for HCM 3 years old, Reretestet 3 year 10 mnd : HCM neg HIPS: OFA certificate : GOOD ( 3 y. )

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CH. Diabol II v. Donautal MCO d 09 22
DEKZV LO 246793
red blotched tabby-white
IC. Yasko v. Racoon
MCO n 09 22 DEKZV LO 209975
black blotched tabby-white
EC. Samuraj v. Amorsbrunn MCO n 09 21
DEKVZ LO 143212
black tabby- white
EC. Halco v. Schindetal DEKZV LO 107334 MCO n 22
GIC. Cinderella v. Odessa.MCO n 09 21
DEKZV LO 151887
EC. Romy`s Love Zarina
Mco ns 09 23 DEKZV LO 178119
black silver mack.tabby- white
GIC. Romy`s Love Tonka
MCO ny 22
DEKZV LO 151887
CH. Angtini`s R. Love Spanky. MCO ns 09 21
DEKZV LO 182763
Elisa of Faberge
MCO fs 22 DEKZV LO 202513 tortie silver blotchedtabby
EC. Willowplace Titan
MCO ds 22 DEKZV LO 198347 black silver blotched tabby
SGC. Willowplace Shadrack TICA SBT 011491 013 MCO n 22
Capecoon Shady Lady
DEKZV 199280
MCO fs 23
Claddacoons Tiger Lily
MCO n 22 DEKZV LO196621 black blotched tabby
CH. Khamsin´s Brubeck of the Unicat MCO n 22
CFA 1744-646437
Claddacoon´s Tara MCO ns 22 CFA 1745-724335 V 0393

Roxanne v. Donautal DEKZV LO
260550 MCO f 22
black tortie blotched tabby

IC. Kevin v. Donautal
DEKZV LO 244450
MCO n 09 22
Black blotched tabby- white
IC. Yasko v. Racoon
DEKZV 209975 MCO n 09 22 black blotched tabby-white
EC. Samuraj v. Amorsbrunn MCO n 09 21
EC. Romy`s Love Zarina
MCO ns 0923
Eliza of Faberge
DEKZV 202513
MCO fs 22 tortie silver blotched tabby
EC. Williwplace Titan
MCO ds 22
Claddaoons Tiger Lily
MCO n 22
Hazel v. Spitzaeker
DEKZV LO 259959
MCO fs black tortie smoke
GC.CH. Macavity Gatsby
TICA SBT 040197074
MCO n 22 black blotched tabby
IC.Macavity Calypso
MCO ds 22
Mama-Walker`s Bal- Astra MCO fs 09 22
SGC. Sundancer Yankee Fireball DEKZV LO 218638 MCO ds 22 red silver blotched tabby
Honeycoon Ferrari Dino
MCO ds 22
GIC. Dreamhunter`s Corvette MCO f 21

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