Sarafina's Windboy  

Windboy 6 years of age
Name Sarafina's Windboy
Born 2001-08-15
Gender Male
Color black silver blotched tabby
EMS-Code MCO ns 22
Reg. number FD LO 112058
Breeder Lillian Kristensen
Owner Astrid og Jørgen S. Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Windboy is now neutered and living with Berit and Peter , Nikolai og Fredrik. He is the father of Prince and Princess and the grandfather of Chi Chi.
20.05.03: Tested neg. for HCM ( excellent heart condition )
Hips: OFA certificate: FAIR.

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Dk Sarafina Jason the Argonaut f.03.12.99
FD LO 103271
MCO a blue. Tested neg. for HCM,PKD2002. OFA Hips: good
DK Sarafina`s Shawnee
FD LO 88153
MCO a 09 22 Blue blotchedtabby-white
DK Heftycat`s Quark
FD LO 82418 MCO n 0923
Black Mack tabby-white
Beau`s Rocky Bear
FD LO 74937 MCO n 22
Beau`s Cherry on Top
MCO f 09 23
CH. DK Appalacher Bear`s Flying Flash in Blue FD LO 80019
MCO g 22 Blue tortie blotched tabby. 7years tested neg.for HCM /PKD. OFA hips : good
IC.DK Santor`s Cool,Blue and shady
MCO a 23
DK Cozy Farm Hot Cheyenne FD LO 76004 MCO f
Doriana`s Sarafina
FD RX 12968 Import DE
MCO ns 22 Black silver blotched tabby
IC. Guldfakse`s Fitzwilliam FD LO 75062 MCO a 22
Blue blotched tabby
IC.MtKittery Bemis
MCO a 22
Coonmora Keegan
MCO N 22
CH.La Toya the Unicat
KVL R -9860 MCO ns
black smoke
GIC. Tara`s Brandy Lion MCO n 23
IC. Annika from Owltown MCO ns

DK Sarafina`s Wind of Change FD LO 101449
MCO ns 22 Black silver blotched tabby. Tested neg. for HCM.

EC. Sarafina`s Whitefoot FD LO 92753
MCO ns 09 23 Black silver mack.tabby-white
IP.CH. DK Sarafina`s Simba FD LO 80541
MCO n 09 22 Black blotched tabby- white
Tested neg. forHCM,PKD,
Hips: OFA :fair
DK Clivia`s Diesel
MCO n 22
Tested neg for HCM / HD /PKD
DK Clivia`s Betty Blue
MCO a 09 22
Tested neg. for HCM/HD
Abanaki`s Gimme More
FD RX 9799 MCO ns 23
Black silver mack. tabby
CH. Hillside beau Diddeley MCo n 09 22
Oro Ojos Coonchita
MCO ns 23
Wrevenik Panthera FD RX 13447 Import South Africa VP 2950 MCO n 09 black-white. tested neg. for HCM. San-Toi Bullwinkle
SACR SR 42198
MCO n 09 22
Black blotched tabby- white. Tested neg. for HCM / PKD
GC. Groovycat`s Bullwinkle of San- Toi
MCO n 09 22
CH. Allmykittens Feebe Tyler ot San- Toi
MCO n 09 22
Wrevenik Sattine Sakura SACR SR 24431
MCO n black. Tested negfor HCM / PKD
Marala`s Sampson
MCO ns
Jordana Catalina
MCO n 22

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