The Sympathycats Urania  
Name The Sympathycats Urania
Born 2003-11-25
Gender Female
Color Blue smoke / white
EMS-Code MCO as 09
Reg. number FD Lo 125878
Breeder Aletta Vermeij -v.d. Ley
Owner Astrid og Jørgen Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: This is our new sweetheart from Holland ! We enjoy learning her to know. Thank you Aletta for trusting us with her !

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IC Beaverscove Hunter .
MCO n , Black
Tested neg for HCM 1 1/2 and 3 years old. HD neg . Patella lux : neg
EC Beaverscove Alec
MCo d 22
GIC Einstein of Mohawk
MCO n 09 22
Florence Bint Cedrik O.Charmingcat
MCo n 09 22
Florence Bint Cedrik O. Charmingcat
MCO n 09 22
Wild Fellow Whoopie
MCO f 09
Wild Fellow Keaton Brown
MCO n 09 22
Hrencats Beth Bryant
MCO n 22
IC Coonplatooon`s Wichita Wind
MCO n 09 22
MtKittery`s Gilead
MCO a 22
SGC Mtkittery`s Penobscot
MCO a 22
Mtkittery Dresden
Mco fs 22
IC Coonhinoor Sabrina Countess
Itascasee PhoenixMCO n 23
Georgia Countess MCO n 23

Helkenberg Foxy Talina
MCO ns 09. HCM and PKD neg .nov 02 /june04
HD neg.july 02,
patella lux.neg

The Sympathycats Onslow
MCO n 09 22
HCm neg01,
HD:good(OFA prelim) PKD:neg
The Dorsai`s African Blues
MCO n 23
HCM:neg.2,3 1/3 and 51/2 y.old HD:fair(OFA), Patella lux:neg
Phoenix Frost Fire MCO w 64-
HD : Good ( OFA)
The Dorai`s Altar
MCO ns 23
HCM: neg 04
HD:good(OFA )
Charo La´Laitic Star
MCO a 09 22
HCM neg:6 years
HD:fair(OFA )
IC N´Kosi of Firthkatz
MCO n 09
CH Clovis Pandy of Starbushway
MCO a 22
CH StJohns Reblis Timtor
MCO fs 09 22
HCM neg nov 02/04 (5 years old )
HD neg ( PennHip )PKD neg
CH Coonyham Buster Brown
MCO n 09 22
SGC Coonyham Navarro
MCO n 22
HCM neg:99
QGC Cooncreole Evangeline
MCO n 09 21
Colocoon´s´Silver Sprite
MCO fs
HD: neg
Ch Edencoon Desert Sand
MCO ds 22
Capecoon Sasha
MCo ns 22

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