Timo Von Ambach  

Timo 2 år
Name Timo Von Ambach
Born 2008-09-30
Gender Male
Color Chocolate classic tabby
EMS-Code BRI (LH) b 22
Reg. number Tysk - transfer til felis Dan
Breeder Eva Sturm- Bauer
Owner Astrid og Jørgen Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: Timo is a British longhair boy. We plan to use him for the Selkirk Rex breed. He has now a very sweet litter here of 3.
He has an extraordinary loving temper . A really " cuddly bear "

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Saltimbanco´s Freddy M
British shorthair
Chocolate classic tabby
PKD dna test n/n
Saltimbanco´s Fire and Ice
BRI Cinamon-silver calssic tabby
Saltimbanco´s Mr. Silver BRI
Black- silver - tabby - spotted
Indiana Jones v. Grutholz
BRI b 23
Saltimbanco´s Cheyenne BRI ns 22
Saltimbanco´s hot chocolate
HIG Chocolate tortie
Saltimbanco´s Sugar Ray BRI e 33
Austrian Destiny
Passimilla´s Igraine BRI
chocolate silver shaded -p
Eddy v. Zoo BRI
Silver point
La- Sal´s Xanthi
BRI ns 11
Ebony v. Schloss Blaumühlen BRI ns
Great- Fluffy v. Schuter
Chocolate point
CH. Howie v. Zauberland
BRI b 21 33
Dona-Nora v. Alfersesch BRI n 33

Ambach`s Fancy
British Shorthair
Fawn point.
PKD dna test n/n

Caramello von Ambach
Chocolate silver tabby -p
CH. Quax-A.v. Baumwollschlösschen
BRI Lilac point
GEC. Inspiration of Blue Heaven
BRI a 03
Kiki of Blue Heaven BRI c 33
Saltimbanco´s Cinnamon BRI
cinnamon silver tabby sp.
Saltimbanco´s Mr. Silver BRI ns 24
Saltimbanco´s Hot Chocolate BRI h
Colored- Emotion in fawn vom Kaiserberg
BRI fawn-point/white
Kalisgra Marcus
BRI chocolate - point
Catbalu Cardamon
CH. Malsome Ooahdella
O´Lena Sugar Lewel
BRI Lilac point/white
Joker v.Grutholz
Cynthia v. Rauhardt
BRI c 33

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