Lykken Sorte Sofus  

Sofus 11 wweks
Name Lykken Sorte Sofus
Born 2015-11-10
Gender Male
Color Black
Reg. number TICA
Breeder Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Very sweet and charming Selkirk Rex SH boy. Will carry dilution and may be LH.

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Purring Poems Julius

Purring Poems Indian Summer ( Tedddy) Selkirk Rex Cinnamon
Testet neg. for HCM and PKD.
CH Purring Poems Verdi
Selkirk Rex, fawn/white tabby
GIC Domazyr Jarzebinowe Uroczysko(*PL)
British shorthair spotted tabby, Chocolate.
PKD and HCM neg.
CH Curly Mona Lisa From Sham
Selkirk rEx, Blue/white
PKD and HCM neg.
Lou-Lou of Kotoffski
British LH,cinnamon, HCM/FELV/FIV neg. tested
IC Your Majesty James Bond
British Shorthair, Chocolate.
CH Your Majesty Elisabeth
British Shorthair, Cinnamon
Tasmina von Bullerbue
British Shorthair, blue
Tetet neg. for HCM and PKD
Joker von Bulerbue
British Shorthair, chocolate
PKD neg.
IC XXL vom Blauen Saohir
British Shorthair, Chocolate
HCM and PKD neg.
IC Valentina von Bullerbue
British Shorthair
HCM neg. tested.
LaFee of Phoenix
British Shorthair,
HCM neg. tested.
IC Anoebis of the Little Blues
British Shorthair,
HCM neg.
Alina van Heymissen
Blue Chartreux
HCM neg.

Lykken Solveig


Lykken Buffalo Bill
Selkirk Rex variant
Bruntabby / spotted
Timo Von Ambach
Tysk - transfer til felis Dan
BRI (LH) b 22
Chokolade blotched tabby
Saltimbanco´s Freddy M
British shorthair
Chocolate classic tabby
PKD dna test n/n
Ambach`s Fancy
British Shorthair
Fawn point.
PKD dna test n/n
DK Calico Moon´s Amber
FD RX Felis Danica
Sort tortie
Scanned neg.for HCM 5 years.
Catbalu Cinnamon-Moon
SRS O Cinnamon.
Import England
DK Calico Moon´s Frida Kahlo
SRS f , tortie
WHF Shadows Curl of Lykken
TICA Selkirk Rex Longhair
SRex LH ns
Sort smoke
Scanned neg. for HCM aged 7 years.
WHF Oscar Again .
Selkirk Rex Longhair . Black/white
Deenewkurl Slow Gin Fuzz, SL, Red Classic Tabby
Oklahoma Twister of WHF,SL, Black Tortie/White
Reigningcats Evening Serenity of WHF . Selkirk Rex Longhair. Black Shaded Silver. Lapurrfect Howalot of Reighningcats,
SL, Blue Shaded Tabby
Kameokitn Lightening ,
PS, Chocolate

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