About us

Welcome to my home page. I  am Astrid and I live on a small former farm, nearby the sea on the island Mors, in Limfjorden in the northern part of Jut land. My husbond  Jørgen and I found  this beautiful place in november 1997and since that we have been constantly renovating.
Jørgen was danish, but did live in Greenland for many years. Astrid is norvegian-danish, grew up in Norway. We were drawn to this beutiful, but also hardish part of  Denmark. It reminds us of the places where we lived before and it has a still unspoiled and wild beauty.
The island is known for its beautiful nature with cliffs that hides fossiled animals and plants. It is even possible to find the fossils on the beach.
 The place is  only 250 m from the sea. Going outside it is possible to  hear the waves and see the cliffs running down to the sea.
On the farm  there are several activities which you can read more about by clicking the different links on the menu.
We have a small breed of Maine Coon  and Selkirk Rex Cats. We used to have chickens as well, but now we converted the "chicken house" to a home for the male cats. In July 02 we opened our BED AND BREAKFAST department. There are 4 nice and cosy rooms in the earlier hay loft and part of the barn.

 Sadly Jørgen  passed away in may 2014, but this place have som many nice memories about him and all the work he put in it and I  will try to make the place work with  from  time to time some helpful hands. The picture is Jøgen and me with one of our first Maine Coon litters.



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