Here you can see some photos of the house, its surroundings and other places on the island. Please visit the blogs for more photos.

Rosegarden in summer:

This is Hanklit . The most famous of the clay cliffs on the island.


 Old Picture :





The rose garden in july

This is from the fishing village Vorupor, 40 min drive from us. You can watch the fishing boats beeing landed on the beach.

On our  island ( Mors ) and our neighbour island Fur, there is also layers of clay that can hide million of years old fossiles.

From Ejerslev with " The Laguna ":

Me and Jørgen at the fjord 2008:


Horses in evening sun.


One of the outdoor cat enclosures.
From the females outdoor yard.



Knife 2004


One of our "gentle giants"  Lykkens Sumo.


Our cats like to be in the kitchen, water is nice  - so is making coffee! On pict. is  Lykkens Albertine.

Winter is sometimes like this  with storms and lots of water.


In january 2007 - This is at the sea bay - Søbugten 300 m from our house .

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