Selkirk Rex

May be you newer saw a cat like this before ?

The SELKIRK REX has a curly fur - nearly like a sheep  - by some called  the cat in sheeps clothing .

The race was founded in U.S.A.  ca. 20 years ago: A cat with curly fur was found in a cat shelter in Montana. She was named  Miss De Pesto. She was adopted by a Persian breeder called Jerry Newman and was to become founder of the Selkirk Rex breed. Miss De Pesto was mated to a persian boy. 50% of the kittens got curly fur and the first matings established the fact  that the gene giving the curls is a dominant gene.

The breed is recognizeded in TICA, CFA and other big cat associations , but not yet in FIFe . But we hope this will happen !  To create the necessary gene pool for the race it is for a limited time permitted to outcross with Persian and British shorthair/longhair  lines.

The Selkirk Rex cat is a medium sized cat. They  come  in a Long Hair and a Short Hair version. Some kittens will be straight haired. They have a round head , low ears, set well  apart.They have round eyes and curly whiskers . The curls are individual  ” waves ”.

 They a have sweet, easygoing and calm temper,  are very forgiving and they are wonderful companions. They are playful and intelligent and can easily get their way with humans!

In my home they go on very well with the Maine Coons cats.



Our first breeding cats were WHF Shadows Curl and Calico Culs Blue Curly Bear. Arnold Farley kindly brought them to us from U.S.A.

My cattery name is LYKKEN and the cattery is T.I.C.A. registered.

We attended the first TICA show in Denmark where WHF Shadows Curl as in 2 finals ( 6 th. best longhair and 10 th. best longhair). She qualified for the champion title.

This year her son Lykken Peer Gynt is doing very well in TICA shows.


Here is a link to the  TICA breed profile :

Featured on the pictur down page  are two of the kittens from WHF Shadow Curl x Insider Joker , 6 months .

Warning ! Selkirk Rex cats are very addictive !!  You can never get enough !

Here is a link to a video on Animal Planet about Selkirk Rex :

The picture on top of page is Lykken Peer Gynt.

The kittens found new homes and there are no Selkirk Rex plans for the time beeing.






Lykken Yarno

Champion WHF Shadows Curl of Lykken
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Lykken Curly Odyssevs
Lykken Curly Sisyfos
Lykken Curly Sofokles
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Lykken Gift From Heaven

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