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This is Lykken Solomon

I have been breeding Maine Coon since 2000. We chose the Maine Coon cats because of their nice and wild look and because they are great companions with exciting characters. They are very social  and  make wonderful partners for human beeings!
Our goal  has been  to make kittens with outstanding temper and health!  We have been  working on broadening  the gene-pool for the race. To achieve this we had several  cats from new foundation lines as part of our breeding program. Our foundation  lines are from Maine, Michigan, Florida and southern part of Canada. Our belief has been that OUTCROSSING is very important. All breeding plans are made carefully, trying to get healthy kittens with great personality and also type.

I give the cats lots of attention and they are a part in all that is going on.
The females live inside the house with  access to a safe outdoor run (20 sq. m) The males have got their own "males house" with their own outdoor yard situated so that the males cannot see or smell the females, as I think this is the best for a "whole" male. Normalley they get along with each other very well.

I try to be very careful selecting our breeding cats, so that  the best and most healthy individuals is choosen for breeding . All breeding cats are tested for HCM at regular intervals . All our breeding cats have been tested negtive for DNA MYPBC3 -gene that may cause HCM. All breeding cats are tested for HD  (hip dysplasia). They are aso thested for other genetic diseases such as PL ( patella luxation) and SMA . There will only be sold breeding kittens to catteries with the same breeding goals and who have a test program  for genetic diseases. Our kittens are raised "under foot" with lots of love and respect. Most of the kittens are sold as pets in Denmark .  Bying a cat from me, you will of course be welcome to come to my place to pick up your cat .

If you want to read more about foundation breeding, take a look at the link to Prairiebaby`s cattery.
All the adult cats in our cattery are vaccinated at regular intervals . We are a Felv / Fiv neg cattery . All the cats  have an annual vet. check and will at proper age be examined for HD and HCM.

From time to time there  will be POLYDACTYL  Maine Coon cats as breeders. To learn more about the polydactyl Maine Coon

For test results, see under the different cats.
 Kittens will be registered in CFF .

Under LINKS you can find more information about the Maine Coon cat and links to other friendly breeders.

 I only breed very few litters, but I have a litter from Adalena and Jul ( Lykken White Christmas Dancer). You may see them under kittens. All of the kittes are still under evaluation.

For enquiries write to

 Here is a link to some of our former kittens  featuring the kittens grand father and others : Lykken Maine Coon killinger


To see our differerent cats click on their names on the menu .

 On the down page picture is a poly girl Lykken´s Kathinka PP. Under earlier litter you can see some of our former kittens and under Neuters in menue you can find many of the cats in our pedigrees.



Lykken White Christmas Dancer

Lynx Luna Hilla PP of Lykken
Nordic Breed Adalena of Lykken


 Nordic Breed Adalena & Lykken White Christmas Dancer:
    Lykken Eddie Fireworks
    Lykken Hermann
    Lykken Isabella
    Lykken Isadora
    Lykken Joy of Whiteness

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