Prairiebaby River Mercies - AKA Ashanti  

Ashanti 1 1/2 years of age
Name Prairiebaby River Mercies - AKA Ashanti
Born 2004-10-17
Gender Female
Color Black torbie - white - classic
EMS-Code MCO f 09 22
Reg. number Registrert ved ACA
Breeder Judith Schultz
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: Ashanti is a very nice full foundation female . She came all the way from Canada to stay with us and had two littes here. She has got a VERY pleasant temper and for beeing full foundation her type is very good . Health : Hips : Normal ( result will be on pawpeds ). Ashati is neg.for the DNAMybc3gene . Ashanti has now moved back to her breeder Judith Schulz in Canda. he is now neutered and living as pet in Canada.

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Ashanti august 06

Ashanti with her first litter

This is Ashanti as a kitten ( pict. by Jidith Schultz )

This is her profile ( kittenphoto by Judith Schultz )

This is Ashanti 1 year old ( photo by Judith Schultz )

Ashanti has got a very pleasant temper . Here she is 1 1/2 year.


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