Lykken's Prince Felix  

Felix aged 9 years
Name Lykken's Prince Felix
Born 2002-10-06
Gender Male
Color Black/silver blotched tabby
EMS-Code MCO ns 22
Reg. number FD LO
Breeder Astrid og Jørgen Lykken
Owner Karin Aarvik Bjorndalen
Status Sold
Comments: Felix is a very sweet and big male with a wonderful fur. 5 years old he got a wonderful full ruff . Hes mother is Ginger von Dounautal and his father is Sarafina´s Windboy

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Sarafina´s Windboy
FD LO 112058
MCO ns 22
sort silver blotched tabby
Dk Sarafina Jason the Argonaut f.03.12.99
FD LO 103271
MCO a blue
DK Sarafina`s Shawnee
FD LO 88153
MCO a 09 22 Blue blotchedtabby-white
DK Heftycat`s Quark
FD LO 82418 MCO n 0923
Black Mack tabby-white
CH. DK Appalacher Bear`s Flying Flash in Blue FD LO 80019
MCO g 22 Blue tortie blotched tabby
Doriana`s Sarafina
FD RX 12968 Import DE
MCO ns 22 Black silver blotched tabby
IC. Guldfakse`s Fitzwilliam FD LO 75062 MCO a 22
Blue blotched tabby
CH.La Toya the Unicat
KVL R -9860 MCO ns
black smoke
DK Sarafina`s Wind of Change FD LO 101449
MCO ns 22 Black silver blotched tabby
EC. Sarafina`s Whitefoot FD LO 92753
MCO ns 09 23 Black silver mack.tabby-white
IP.CH. DK Sarafina`s Simba FD LO 80541
MCO n 09 22 Black blotched tabby- white
Abanaki`s Gimme More
FD RX 9799 MCO ns 23
Black silver mack. tabby
Wrevenik Panthera FD RX 13447 Import South Africa VP 2950 MCO n 09 black-white San-Toi Bullwinkle
SACR SR 42198
MCO n 09 22
Black blotched tabby- white
Wrevenik Sattine Sakura SACR SR 24431
MCO n black

Ginger von Donautal
FD LO 108407
MCO f 22
sort tortie blotched tabby

CH. Diabol II v. Donautal MCO d 09 22
DEKZV LO 246793
red blotched tabby-white
IC. Yasko v. Racoon
MCO n 09 22 DEKZV LO 209975
black blotched tabby-white
EC. Samuraj v. Amorsbrunn MCO n 09 21
DEKVZ LO 143212
black tabby- white
EC. Romy`s Love Zarina
Mco ns 09 23 DEKZV LO 178119
black silver mack.tabby- white
Elisa of Faberge
MCO fs 22 DEKZV LO 202513 tortie silver blotchedtabby
EC. Willowplace Titan
MCO ds 22 DEKZV LO 198347 black silver blotched tabby
Claddacoons Tiger Lily
MCO n 22 DEKZV LO196621 black blotched tabby
Roxanne v. Donautal DEKZV LO
260550 MCO f 22
black tortie blotched tabby
Kevin v. Donautal
DEKZV LO 244450
MCO n 09 22
Black blotched tabby- white
IC. Yasko v. Racoon
DEKZV 209975 MCO n 09 22 black blotched tabby-white
Eliza of Faberge
DEKZV 202513
MCO fs 22 tortie silver blotched tabby
Hazel v. Spitzaeker
DEKZV LO 259959
MCO fs black tortie smoke
GC.CH. Macavity Gatsby
TICA SBT 040197074
MCO n 22 black blotched tabby
SGC. Sundancer Yankee Fireball DEKZV LO 218638 MCO ds 22 red silver blotched tabby

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