Behold White Lily P of Lykken  
Name Behold White Lily P of Lykken
Born 2010-02-01
Gender Female
Color White ( gold eyed)
EMS-Code MCO w
Reg. number CFF
Breeder Phyllis Tobias
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: White Lily is a big beautiful Maine Coon girl that has come to us form U.S.A. She is polydactyl on front legs.
Scanned neg. for HCM.
She is neutered and living as pet.Hofter. OFA : fair

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Kumskaka Gandolf The White P of Wackymoon. White ( gold eyed) Scanned x 2 neg. for HCM
DNA test for HCM neg. Hips : OFA GOOD.Carrying dilution ( Color)
Wackymoon Coon Smaug P of Kumskaka
Hips : OFA Good
Night Light P of Wackymoon Coon
Color: Black
Scanned neg. for HCM 1 1/2 year
Foundation ( unknown)
Foundation ( unknown)
Supernovas Winky
Red Makr. Tabby
Scanned neg. for HCM 3,3 year . Hips normal/normal
EC Bonnekitaīs Rocky
Supernovaīs Sisse
Blue Tortie Blotched Tabby/white
Kumskaka Barely Hear The Whispurr PP
Color:White (gold eyed)
Hips: OFA Fair
Prairiebaby Mercy Spring Frost PP
White ( copper eyed)
Prairiebaby Hope Springs Eternal P
White ( copper eyed)
Prairiebaby Rest In Fields of Grace
Black smoke
Kumskakaīs Spiritual Heritage
Blue Silver Tabby/white
Mtnmaine Inheritance of Kumskaka
Blue Silver Tabby/white

Kumskaka Lady Galadriel PP.
Cameo Mkr.Tabby/ White.
Scanned neg. for HCM , DNA test neg .for HCM by parents.

Prairiebaby Watch The River Dance PP
Color:Cameo Mkr. Tabby /White
Prairiebaby Come To the River of Eole Coon
Brown Tabby/ white
Scanned neg. for HCM 4 and 5 years. DNA test for HCM : neg.
SMA : neg
Prairiebaby River Revival
Red tabby
Prairiebaby In The River I Remain
Blue Torbie(white)
Prairiebaby Rise Up and Dance P
Blue Cream Smoke Harequin
Prairiebaby Plowman Songes of Freedom
White ( gold eyed)
Prairiebaby Fall Into You P
Brown Makr. Tabby /white
Bogy Catīs Honeycomb
Color: Cameo Mkr. Tabby
Dynamicats Jeep Willys ( NL )
Red Makr. Tabby
Dynamicats LL Cool J
Brown Tabby/white
Thundercatīs Sex On The Beach
Silver Makr. Torbie
Bogy Catīs Virgin
Cameo Makr. Tabby
Kumskaka Sing Among The Nations
Red Mkl Tabby
Bogy Catīs Momaday
Tortie Smoke/White

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