Lykken Stormy Blue  

7 months
Name Lykken Stormy Blue
Born 2013-11-01
Gender Male
Color Blue classic tabby/hvid
Reg. number
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Very nice and promising boy with very nice outcross pedigree.

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Lykken Seaside King.

Rød classic tabby /hvid
Lykken Halvdan Svarte
PrairieBaby Preparing The Way
FD RX 125194
MCO a 09
Blue / white . Tests:
Hips : OFA excellent.
Heart : scanned neg. for HCM x 3 ( last time approx 7 years of age )
HCM dna test:neg.
Kidneys : scanned normal.
Patella: normal.
SMA :neg ( dna )
PrairieBaby Gonna Be Worth It All ( Cameron). Cream Mc Tabby Van

Hips: Good ( OFA )
Praylyne`s Blazing Glory of Prairiebaby( Blaze )
HCM neg 10 mnd and 5 years.
Hips: Good ( OFA )
Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken
CFF - transfer to Felis Danica and TICA.
MCO fs 09
Sort tortie smoke m. hvidt
Heart scanned neg. 3 and 4 1/2 year
HCM DNA test: MyBPC3-1 neg.
Hips OFA : fair.
Patella : normal
SMA: neg
CH. Dirigo Sea Smoke.
Color:Black smoke.
Dirigo Lady Patches.
Color: Calico
Lykken Tiger Lily by The Sea
MCO d 09 22
Rød classic tabby/hvid
Lykken´s Seaside Tiger
Felis Danica /CFF
MCO d 22
Rød blotched tabby.
HCM heart scan : 1 and 3 years neg.
Hcm.dna neg. via parents.
Hips : normal ( pawpeds )
Sarafina´s Mercury
MCO n 09 22
Sort blotched tabby og hvid
Scanned neg. for HCM ca. 2,5 and 4 years.
HCM Dna : neg.
Hips: OFA : fair.
Prairiebaby River Mercies - AKA Ashanti
Registrert ved ACA
MCO f 09 22
Sort tortie blotched tabby / hvid
Hips: normal .
Heart scanned x 3 ( Canada )
DNA HCM : neg.
Chenza Morning Sunrise
FD LO - transfer fra TICA
MCO f 09 22
Sort tortie classic tabby / hvid
HCM DNA test: MyBPC3-1
Heart scan : 1.5 year neg.
Hips 1/1 ( Lars Audell, pawpeds)
Chenza Jack Shephard
MCO d 23
Chenza Sydney B
MCO n 09 22
HCM : scanned neg.2 1/2 year

Wackymoon Little Girl Blue of Lykken
MCO as 22
Blå silver classic tabby

Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon.
Color: Blue classic tabby
Scanned neg. for HCM x 1. Tested neg. for patellaluxation and HD.
Dna test for HCM( MYBPC3 gene) neg.
DNA tested neg. for PKD 1 mutation.
DNA tested neg for SMA.
Behold The Anthem Of Nations PP
Blue smoke/white
Prairiebaby Harvest Rain PP
White (gold eyed)
Praylyne One Nation Under God.
Brown Makr.Tabby/White
Kumskaka Has No Other Choice PP
Silver torbie.
Coonplay Theodan King.
Kumskaka I´ll Join The Rocks.
Silver Tabby
Lykken Anne Knutsdotter PP.
Color: blue
Scanned neg. for HCM x 2. Tested neg for patellaluxation and HD ( ex ray)
Lykken Knut PP
Black smoke harlequin.
Belushies Shivakashi.
Black smoke/white
Prairiebaby Strawberry River PP
Brown Torbie/White
Kumskaka Evenstar PP of Lykken.
Blue cream.
Praylyne Basket Case.
Cream Mkl Tabby/white
Kumskaka Know The Passion.

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