Lykken Attila  

Attila 3 1/2 mnd
Name Lykken Attila
Born 2016-02-18
Gender Male
Color Hvid
Reg. number CFF
Breeder Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Sweet boy with a small dot of color on his head ( blue?) Wonderful temper. He is still free.

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Lykken Easy Living

Lykken Halvdan Svarte
Heart scanned neg. for HCM x1.
Hips: N/N
PrairieBaby Preparing The Way
FD RX 125194
MCO a 09
Blue / white . Tests:
Hips : OFA excellent.
Heart : scanned neg. for HCM x 3 ( last time approx 7 years of age )
HCM dna test:neg.
Kidneys : scanned normal.
Patella: normal.
SMA :neg ( dna )
PrairieBaby Gonna Be Worth It All ( Cameron). Cream Mc Tabby Van

Hips: Good ( OFA )
Praylyne`s Blazing Glory of Prairiebaby( Blaze )
HCM neg 10 mnd and 5 years.
Hips: Good ( OFA )
Dirigo Sweet Miss Sophia of Lykken
CFF - transfer to Felis Danica and TICA.
MCO fs 09
Sort tortie smoke m. hvidt
Heart scanned neg. 3 and 4 1/2 year
HCM DNA test: MyBPC3-1 neg.
Hips OFA : fair.
Patella : normal
SMA: neg
CH. Dirigo Sea Smoke.
Color:Black smoke.
Dirigo Lady Patches.
Color: Calico
Behold White Lily P of Lykken
HCM:scanned neg for HCM x 1.
Kumskaka Gandolf The White P of Wackymoon. White ( gold eyed) Scanned x 3 neg. for HCM
DNA test for HCM neg. Hips : OFA GOOD.Carrying dilution ( Color)
Wackymoon Coon Smaug P of Kumskaka
Hips : OFA Good
Kumskaka Barely Hear The Whispurr PP
Color:White (gold eyed)
Hips: OFA Fair
Kumskaka Lady Galadriel PP.
Cameo Mkr.Tabby/ White.
Scanned neg. for HCM , DNA test neg .for HCM by parents.
Prairiebaby Watch The River Dance PP
Color:Cameo Mkr. Tabby /White
Bogy Catīs Honeycomb
Color: Cameo Mkr. Tabby

Basilicus Rosalie Of Lykken

Sort silver makrel tabby

Maitouīs Ganymedes
Black classic tabby/white
S*Honeysuckleīs Jameson
Black classic tabby/white
Carramazza Ace of Harts
Red silver mackerel tabby
S* Flying Eagleīs Bonnie Tyler
Blue classic tabby/white
S*Anne Dottīs Dreaming Minnie Pearl
Blue cream classic tabby/white
FIN* Starmakerīs Mr. Moonlight
Cream silver classic tabby
(N)Calmatocatz Hotlips
Black classic tabby
Basilicus Joy to the World
Black silver mackerel tabby
Magic Lake Baby Bear
Black mackerel tabby.
Koonikats Jumani
Black mackr.tabby/white
Koonikats Charly Derose Bouquet
Black tortie tabby
Bubasteion Bahwika
Black silver classic tabby
The Dorsai Lancelot
Black smoke
Int.Ch.Ravini Catīs Doenja

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