Nordic Breed Gunhild PPof Lykken  
Name Nordic Breed Gunhild PPof Lykken
Born 2016-11-04
Gender Female
Color Blue mackr, tabby
Reg. number CFF
Breeder Nils Christiansen
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status N/A
Comments: Then there are poly power in Cattery Lykken !
I am very delighted with Gunhild. She is poly on all 4 legs.

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Nordic Breed Darwin.
Blue mackr. tabby
Lykken Pamphilius PP
Wackymoon Cupcake
Blå silver creme/hvid

Wackymoon Ella of Nordic Breed
Blå creme

Redemmpton of Wackymoon
Sort tabby
Lykken Wonder of Life of Wackymoon
Black classic torbie

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