Celandine´s Curly Chayenne Joya  

Chayennne in september 2010
Name Celandine´s Curly Chayenne Joya
Born 2007-11-03
Gender Female
Color Blue creme white
EMS-Code SRLH g 09
Reg. number SNVK
Breeder Korrine Jagersma
Owner Laila
Status N/A
Comments: Chayenne did come to us from Holland. She is a girl with a very sweet and gentle temper. She carries chocolade, may be cinnamon.
She is now neutered and got a wonderful pet home

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It is 11 pictures in the database

Chayenne 1 1/2 year

Chayenne as kitten

Chayenne with siblings

Chayenne in Holland

Chayenne with her mother

Chayenne´s father

Chayenne in Holland

September 2010


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