DK Calico Moon´s Amber  

Amber 8 months
Name DK Calico Moon´s Amber
Born 2009-04-06
Gender Female
Color Black tortie
EMS-Code SRS f
Reg. number FD RX Felis Danica
Breeder Florence McLean
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Amber is a wonderful kitten. She is an active cat and also very loving and a very good mother. She carries cinnamon.
Scanned neg. for HCM aged 5 years.She now lives in Sweeden.

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Catbalu Cinnamon-Moon
SRS O Cinnamon.
Import England
TICA Gr. CH Catbalu Crme-Royale
SRS e ( creme)
Catbalu Indiana
SRS red bicolour
CH. Catbalu Morgoth
SRS black
TICA CH Catbalu Bella
SRS blue tortie/white
Catbalu Monica
SRS fawn tortie
Catbalu Turmeric
SRS creme
Catbalu Firstfawn
SRS fawn
Catbalu Xante
SRS o 03
Bicolour Cinnamon
Badsworth Liberius
SRS cinnamon tortie
Badsworth Lucretius
SRS cinnamon
Purrisimo Fawntasy
SRS fawn
Catbalu Maid To Order
SRS fawn bicolour
Catbalu Jamesp Sullivan
SRS fawn
Catbalu Frascati
SRS blue bicolur

DK Calico Moon´s Frida Kahlo
SRS f , tortie

Calicurl Sugar Candymoon
Calicurl´s Dexter
SRS red classic tabby bicolour
Calicurl´s Igor Of Purrfectcurl
SRS red silver bicolour
Berrycurl´s Parfait Of Purrfectcurl
SRS black pointed
Calicurl´s Ophelia
SRL black pointed
SRS black pointed
SRL black pointed
Pamacs Colors-of-Autumn of Calicurl
SRS tortie
SRS g 33
Blå tortie masket
Royalbear´s Hades
SRS lilac
Royalbear´s Burny
SRS bblue mackr. tabby
Blue Nugget´s Candle Light
BRI lilac
Pomacs Promise From Heart
SRL blue tortie pointed
GC Pomaca Winnie The Blue
SRS blue
Lurlipurrz Hearts Desire of Pomacs
SRS lilac tortie silver pointed tabby.

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