Lykken Peer Gynt  
Name Lykken Peer Gynt
Born 2012-04-17
Gender Male
Color Black smoke
Reg. number TICA
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner Vivian Andresen
Status Sold
Comments: Black smoke boy Selkirk Rex Longhair with wonderful temper. He just started out in TICA shows and he is now SGC. We are very proud of him.

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Lykken Buffalo Bill
Selkirk Rex variant
Bruntabby / spotted
Timo Von Ambach
Tysk - transfer til TICA
BRI (LH) b 22
Chokolade blotched tabby
Saltimbanco´s Freddy M
British shorthair
Chocolate classic tabby
PKD dna test n/n
Saltimbanco´s Fire and Ice
BRI Cinamon-silver calssic tabby
Passimilla´s Igraine BRI
chocolate silver shaded -p
Ambach`s Fancy
British Shorthair
Fawn point.
PKD dna test n/n
Caramello von Ambach
Chocolate silver tabby -p
Colored- Emotion in fawn vom Kaiserberg
BRI fawn-point/white
DK Calico Moon´s Amber
FD RX Felis Danica
Sort tortie
Catbalu Cinnamon-Moon
SRS O Cinnamon.
Import England
TICA Gr. CH Catbalu Crme-Royale
SRS e ( creme)
Catbalu Xante
SRS o 03
Bicolour Cinnamon
DK Calico Moon´s Frida Kahlo
SRS f , tortie
Calicurl Sugar Candymoon
SRS g 33
Blå tortie masket

WHF Shadows Curl of Lykken
TICA Selkirk Rex Longhair
SRex LH ns
Sort smoke

TICA RW WHF Oscar Again .
Selkirk Rex Longhair . Black/white
Deenewkurl Slow Gin Fuzz, SL, Red Classic Tabby Noface Pico Deguyo
Woolibar I Am Curious Blue
Selkirk Rex . Blue tortie point
Oklahoma Twister of WHF,SL, Black Tortie/White Lapurrfect Teaser
Selkirk Rex LH
Lapurrfect Punkin Puss Selkirk Rex
Black tortie/white
Reigningcats Evening Serenity of WHF . Selkirk Rex Longhair. Black Shaded Silver. Lapurrfect Howalot of Reighningcats,
SL, Blue Shaded Tabby
RW SGC Laourrfect El Zorro The Great
Selkirk Rex LH Black
Lapurrfect Shadow Girl
Selkirk Rex, Black Silver Shaded / White
Kameokitn Lightening ,
PS, Chocolate
Lilypurr Emmit Brown Of Krystlmist
Persian /chocolate
Longhares Chocolate Coco Mo

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