Curly Xinthia van Brifety  

5 måneder
Name Curly Xinthia van Brifety
Born 2012-02-08
Gender Female
Color Blue tortie/hvid
EMS-Code SRS g 03
Reg. number Neo cats, transfer Tica
Breeder Lianne Pons
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Xinthia is a very sweet shorthair Selkirk Rex girl. She carries longhair. Both parents are scanned neg. for HCM, and dna tested neg.for PKD. Thanks to Lianne from cattery Brifety .

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Int.Ch. Wesley of Chivers.British Shorthair.
PKD dna N/N
Scanned neg for HCM 1 year.
E.C.Brownie of The Roman´s Jessin
British Shorthair.
Int. Ch. Perky Paws Dudley
British Shorthair
Heinrich vom Forsthaus Lalo
BRI Chocolate.
Ch.A Blue Nugget´s Kimberley
BRI Lilac
Delice de Leonidas Joufflu
British Shorthair
GR.Int.Ch. Byanfa´s Giant Hunter BRI (v)lilac
Int.Ch.Shanta de Mornay
BRI chocolate
Mia-More of Chivers
British Shorthair (var.)
Ch.Spike van Black Lake.
British Shorthair
IC.&Pr.Hocus Pokus Uerly Bl.Binkey
Havira van de Kraayenberg
BRI Blue
Stardust Lady
British Longhair
G.I.C.The Wishing Well´s Fumaghali
BRI white
Int.Ch.Lieselotte van de Haber
BRI blue tortie/white

Ch. Sheeplet Tootie Fruitie
Selkirk Rex LH
Blue tortie/white
PKD dna N/N
HCM neg.aged 6 year.

Ch.Sheeplet Champagne on Ice
Selkirk Rex SH
cream-tabby mackerel/white
Gr.Ch. Sheeplet Lamb Chop
Selkirk Rex SH
Sheeplet Ice Man
SRS white
Sheeplet Cupcake
SRS silver tortie/white
Ch. Belnute´s Missouri´s Miss Bess.
British Shorthair
Blue tortie /white
Gr.Ch. Belnute´s Harry S.T.of Mabuhay
BRI creme makr.tabby/white
Ch.Elusive Blue Grace/Glory
BRI blue/white
Sheeplet Witchie Woman
Selkirk Rex LH
Ch.Sotacats Lord Calvert
British Shorthair (var.)
Damsyb Milord Buckingham
BRI Blue
Nlder Hopeforcurls
BRI blue tortie
La Purr´fect Oreo Cookie
Selkirk Rex LH
Ch.La Purr´fect El Zorro the Great
SRL black
La Purr´fect Calico Dream
SRS black tortie/white

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