Lykken´s Kathinka PP  

14 weeks
Name Lykken´s Kathinka PP
Born 2009-06-08
Gender Female
Color Black silver classic tabby/white
EMS-Code MCO ns 09 22
Reg. number FD LO
Breeder A og J Lykken
Owner A og J Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Sweet an loving poly girl.
Toes: front: 4 toes + dewclaw + thumb.
Back: 4 toes + dewclaw
Is now living with Jesper

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Here I am 4 weeks

My toes

My toes !

Kathinka 7 weeks

9 weeks

Don´t you think my toes are beautiful ?

Kathinka 11 week

Kathinka 12 weeks

Kathinka showing her wonderful big paws


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