Chenza Morning Sunrise  
Name Chenza Morning Sunrise
Born 2007-04-26
Gender Female
Color Classic Brown Patch / White
EMS-Code MCO f 09 22
Reg. number FD LO - transfer fra TICA
Breeder Natoma Houston
Owner Astrid Lykken
Status Sold
Comments: Morning Sunrise came to us all the way from Calgary in Canada . She is part foundation/part showlines ( F5 ) . She is a lovely girl with a MOST pleasant temper ! Thank you to Natoma Houston for trusting us with this girl .
Health : 16 months scanned neg. for HCM . DNA HCM test : neg.
Hips : 1/1
Patella: Normal
Chenza lives with Rikke in Randers.

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Chenza Jack Shephard
MCO d 23
Chenza Angelus
MCo n 22
Hips: OFA:fair
SMA: neg.
HCM scan: neg 1 year, neg. 2 1/2 year
Koontucky Mackinaw
MCoa 09 23
Koontucky Kodiak
MCO n 22
Koontoucky Otsitsa
MCO n 09 23
Yankee Cats Chinga of Chenza
MCO ns
HCM: scanned neg. 3 years
EC Weidebusch Percy of Yankee Cats MCO ns 22
CH Chamberlain Apanatchee of
Yankee Cats.MCO 22
Chenza Genivieve
Prairiebaby Plowman
Songs of Freedom
MCN w 62
Prairiebaby Plowman
Songs of Hope
MCO w 62
Prairiebaby I Love All You Made
MCo d 09 21
Koontucky Aurora of
Chenza MCo n 23
HCM: neg. 3 year
Koontucky Kodiak
MCO n 22
GC Koontucky Damarviscotta
MCO n 23

Chenza Sydney B
MCO n 09 22
HCM : scanned neg.2 1/2 year

MGC-CNW Alwaro Abraxas of Grandeur
MCO n 09 22
WW EC Sebasco Daker Devito
MCO n 23
WW EC DSM Guldfakse Chief
Two Moons MCO d 23
Mountaineer Kitti Caballe MCO f 22
EC K´Star Winner Alwaro MCO n 09 22 EC WW Dreamhunter
MCO n 09 23
EC Acadiapark
MCO f 22
Chenza Buffy
MCO a 09 22
Koontucky Mackinaw
MCO a 09 23
Koontucky Kodiak
MCO n 22
Koontucky Otsitsa
MCOn n 22
Chenza Prophecy Girl
MCO n 09 22
CNW-GC Bonfires Saxxon of Grandeur
MCO n 22
Chenza Princess Mittens,
MCO n 09 23
HCM: neg.2 year neg.3 year.

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